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Golfer Banned For Cheating Wins Body Weight In Ham

Earlier this year, golfer Elliot Saltman was banned from the European Tour for three months for cheating. Today, things turned 180 degrees the other way… kind of.

Saltman, who was banned for incorrectly marking a ball, nailed a hole-in-one at the Madrid Masters, winning his body weight in Iberico ham.

The 240-pound Scot’s prize is worth more than 8,000 euros ($10,722).

“This is going to last me until next Christmas, never mind this one,” Saltman told Reuters. “I’ve been trying to lose some weight but I’m glad now I’ve not lost that much.”

Saltman hit the shot at El Encin’s par-3 third hole. He used a seven-iron to cover the 204 yards.

Unfortunately, the ace didn’t help Saltman very much. The world’s No. 686-ranked player failed to make the cut.

At least he won’t go hungry.

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