Busted Coverage Pucktress Predicts Islanders-Canucks In Stanley Cup


Many people keep asking me what my NHL predictions are for this season. My go to answer is, “The team that wins 16 post season games.” You see, I don’t like pre-season rankings or predictions in any sport, especially hockey. Hockey is the fastest and most unpredictable sport out there. There have only been two teams to hoist Lord Stanley two years in a row in the past 20 years. The rankings fluctuate constantly and the unpredictability makes the sport even more exciting.

I decided to do my pre-season picks this year in a slightly unconventional way. This is where I pulled out…a Magic 8 Ball. Unfortunately I don’t have a real Magic 8 Ball, so I had to settle for an electronic one I found on the Internet. (Although I do feel a real Magic 8 Ball would come in handy for all of life’s difficult decisions.)

(No repeat of a year ago for Seguin & Marchand, says Pucktress)

Step One:

Type up and print out all the teams

Step Two:

Cut up the teams and separate them into East and West

Step Three:

Crumble up the papers

Step Four:

Pick a piece of paper and ask the Magic 8 Ball his thoughts. If it’s a form of no or ask again later, crumble the paper up and place it pack in the pile. If it’s a form of a yes, whatever order they were picked in is what place they are.

Step Five:

Repeat until both piles have all the papers unfolded

Step Six:
Take the first picks from each pile and fold the two back up again.

Step Seven:

Draw one team out of the first picks and ask the Magic 8 Ball if he thinks that team will win the Stanley Cup.

For the East, the results looked like this:

1. Islanders

2. Bruins

3. Lightning

4. Devils

5. Capitals

6. Penguins

7. Hurricanes

8. Canadiens

9. Sabres

10. Flyers

11. Panthers

12. Maple Leafs

13. Rangers

14. Senators

15. Jets

For the West I got:

1. Canucks

2. Kings

3. Coyotes

4. Sharks

5. Blackhawks

6. Stars

7. Oilers

8. Blues

9. Avalanche

10. Predators

11. Ducks

12. Blue Jackets

13. Wild

14. Flames

15. Red Wings

“So, Magic 8 Ball, what do you think? Will the Islanders beat the Canucks and win the Stanley Cup?”

“Most likely.”

There you have it folks, the Islanders will most likely be your Stanley Cup winners this year. I’m curious to know how many of Mr. 8 Ball’s predictions will be right. Check back in April and we can compare.

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