Wait, White People Can Be Michael Vick & NASCAR Fans? [VIDEO]

Thankfully NASCAR season is winding down. Christ, can we get a few more useless races from Pocono or Michigan International? Didn’t know white people don’t have as much ‘F-YOU’ money like the roaring Bush years? Watch a NASCAR race and count the empty seats. Honky’s bank account can’t possibly budge for 200 laps around Loudon. And how does another Jimmie Johnson title sound to you, bitches?

The only fun with this sport is drunken Vick fan. Like, how don’t you get your ass kicked at a NASCAR race for supporting a dog killer. Nothing says honky like dogs and NASCAR. Slipping, racist NASCAR fan. Really off your game.


Posted: Oct. 2, 2011

Premise of Video: Pretty sure this was at Dover which would explain why a fight doesn’t break out as Vick fan acts the part. Flying middle fingers. Waving the hat. Little goat going on. Dude is swagged out and loving life.

Climax of Video: Well, um, probably that chick looking at Vick fan and wondering if she should kick his ass or not because the bail money could be used to pay for the electric bill.

Conclusion: C’mon, NASCAR. Besides Ricky Bobby speech guy you’ve been silent. Your Chase is stupid and the races should be permanently moved to Fox. One station. Know why this sport sucks? No off-the-track drama. Fire up a sex scandal or Martin Truex sleeping with Jr.’s stepmother.

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