Ashley Ferrara Is Hottest Oklahoma Superfan/Student – EVER! [PHOTOS]

Before we go any further, please realize that Ashley Ferrara is an Oklahoma University law student. Like, the real deal. Buys books. Walks amongst the football players. She’s not just some random bikini model living in Tampa who says she roots for the Sooners. Ashley has a vested interest. And then realize that she agreed to shoot, exclusive to Busted Coverage, some Scar-Jo mirror pics for this week’s Red River Rivalry.

You know, must say it, BC still has the charm. There might be other sites out there who can out cool us with their Twitter ‘follower’ numbers or some blog with more Facebook ‘Likes,’ but Uncle Busted can still get the ladies to shed clothing for their football team.

Ashley explains her future employment options.

I plan on modeling for a while, but I haven’t decided exactly what kind of law I want to do. Employment law and sports/entertainment law are at the top of my list!

Perfect, she keeps modeling for like two more years solid. Just balls to the walls modeling around the world like the Rolling Stones circling the globe. Then, once she’s had enough of the grind, OU’s Hottest Superfan comes back to the States and handles Busted Coverage cease-and-desist issues.

Actually, the thought even crossed our minds to move the BC operation to Oklahoma City. Straight into our new lawyer’s offices. The plan is coming together perfectly. Gotta have long-range goals, people. Keep telling you morons to quit thinking that day job is going to make you rich. GOALS!

Ashley Ferrara File:

• Oklahoma Law Student

• Twin Peaks model

• Hooters UFC Ring Card Girl Search, Finalist

• Favorite food: Gummy Bears!

• Competed in a bikini contest the other night at a place in Dallas called Strokers

• Is a Playboy Golf model, serves up drinks on a tee box

• Actually goes to Oklahoma games instead of just tailgating and barhopping

24 followers shy of 1,500 on Twitter. Let’s make it happen, people!

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