U. Of Oregon Cheerleader Navel Investigation; i-Team Digs Deep [PHOTOS]


Thanks to a reader, Zach in Portland, we have yet another investigation into the University of Oregon cheerleading unit. “I’ve looked at hundreds of photos of UO cheerleaders out in the wild and a bunch have belly button piercings. In the photos you show they don’t have them. Whats up,” Zach wrote in an email. Great question, Zach. Good to see our readers nosing around the NCAA for more than just violations.

After perusing over 300 photos from the 2011 season, specifically the Missouri State game (below) it’s true that the UO ladies remove navel piercings for gameday. Why?

One wrong hand placement by the dude catching you on a basket toss and we’ve got blood spewing across Autzen Stadium’s turf. This one is pretty logical. Piercings could cause an injury. Yes, so can an errant foot to the face, but colleges are all about protecting their student athletes.

Stated rules for tryouts at University of Oregon:


  • Crop top or sports bra (T-shirt over for interview, if desired)Short shorts (no lycra or spandex except under shorts for stunting)
  • No black-soled shoes allowed. Stunters wear cheer shoes.
  • Always have your hair and makeup game ready.  Ponytails are notnecessary.  Fix up.  It does matter how you present yourself!
  • Cover any visible tattoos and take out body piercings. (earrings okay)

We’re not positive, but the thought process from BC cheerleading researchers is that the body piercing policy rolls over to gameday. Nose studs are ok. We see them.

Hope that answers Zach’s question. Do you have a WAG, Jersey Chaser, Cheerleader or other question for our research team? Try us.


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