Michelle Beadle Autographed Cards Are On Fire! Selling For $40!

Of course we’re on #TeamBeadle. Um, guess who has Michelle’s personal email account? This guy. You might remember her facing off in NFL Pick ‘Em last year versus Playboy Playmates. And for the eight weeks we could stand running it she finished in last place. Love this woman. So do you, America. You love Michelle Beadle so much that some of you are dropping $40 for her new Panini Americana autographed cards on eBay. 

The SportsNation host’s autograph is selling for the same price as an 8X10 (probably fake) with Erin Andrews’ autograph.


According to Beckett.com, Beadle signed just 59 regular cards as well as a Signature Material card — one with clothing and a signature — for the set. With so few to go around, there have been some strong sales.

There are currently two Beadle autographed Panini cards available and both are in the $25 range. React accordingly.

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