Jason Isringhausen’s 5 Bedroom, $5,000,000 Dump [BC Pad Purveyors]


Seriously, we didn’t know that Jason Isringhausen even pitched this year for the New York Mets. No clue. Thought this guy was long gone from the MLB, but now read that he’s wanting another contract in 2012. Um, somebody has burned through his cash. Chew on this: Izzy has made just under $60mm in his baseball career. Guaranteed cash. Now he’s unloading his $5mm Tarpon Springs, Fla. house.

To say it’s gaudy is an understatement. Does a professional baseball player actually live in this place as shown? If so, he should figure on his wife divorcing him when his career is over because she’s a pain in the ass, high-maintenance broad.

The Details:

550 East Lake Road N, Tarpon Springs FL 34688

• 5 bed, 6.5 bath

• 7,500 sq. ft.

• 12 acres

• Opulent kitchen

• Two-story carport entrance (for your oversized RV)

• Killer pool for beer pong tourneys

• Shitty bedroom with gaudy ceilings

Price: $5,000,000

Mortgage: $30,000/mo. (before figuring in costs for yard maintenance, electric for the air conditioning and a pool boy)

[Buy Jason Isringhausen’s Florida House]

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