Josh Hopkins & Erin Andrews Lexington Visit Outed By His Sister? [PHOTOS]


You know how we know Josh Hopkins’ sister is nearly choking on the news that her younger brother is dating Erin Andrews? She snapped three photos yesterday and those pics were published by the Lexington Herald-Leader the same day. Shae Hopkins just couldn’t help herself with photos of her daughter and the new sports/entertainment power couple. ALERT: When your own sister sells you out to the local paper, troubled waters ahead!

Usually, the celebrity photo game goes something like this:

• a publisher finds pic on said person’s Twitter account

• a publisher is tipped off that there are Facebook photos of said subject

• an email hits the inbox from someone that wants photos published

In this case, we suppose Shae wanted her daughter to get a shot of fame. Anyway, if Hopkins is smart he’d keep EA away from family. Shoot, this is just the second confirmed sighting of HopDrews. Bro, just no more visits to Lexington until you solidify this relationship with a quick two-day Caribbean getaway.

Stay out of Kentucky. Those people are just bored and willing to sell your ass down the river for a little bite of fame.

By the way, if we had a sister and she sent a pic of us with a chick in Starbucks, there would be a cease-and-desist on her ass. Immediately.

[Actor Josh Hopkins, sportcaster Erin Andrews visit Lexington]



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