5 Questions: Matthew Stafford’s Girlfriend Kelly Hall On Cowboys-Lions Thriller

For those of you who are new around here let’s catch up on old Busted Coverage news. We’ve always been intrigued with Matthew Stafford and his girlfriend Kelly Hall. Why? Because BC has poked fun at them, wondered about Staffs pounding beers & published their vacation photos. If anything, it was just a matter of time before a lawyer wrote us an email. But it didn’t happen. Now Kelly follows our tweets & even agreed to chat after the Lions-Cowboys thriller.

If there was ever a post that could’ve destroyed the Stafford/Hall/BC relationship it would have been the July 4th man cans post. Detroit radio stations jumped all over that story and, for days, debated Staffs conditioning program. Of course it was all a ruse, by BC, to get people fired up. We’ve been tracking Matthew since his senior season at Georgia. Dude’s upper body hasn’t changed much.

In fact, besides Kelly, BC figures we’ve seen the Lions’ QB shirtless more often than any other media member.

Through the grapevine it was learned that the Stafford/Hall camp wasn’t upset by our coverage of their boat parties. That’s what makes this NFL power couple so damn interesting. They’re commoners that are young, look like young Detroiters and act like young, suburban Detroiters.

Flash-forward to this past Friday. On a hunch a direct message was sent to Hall. We knew Sunday’s Cowboys game was a defining moment in this season. Was this the same old Lions or is this just another hump on the journey to bigger and better things.

Kelly was down, with just one rule for this Q&A. The Lions had to win.

BC: Think you could have intercepted Tony Romo & scored a TD? Family a little down in 1st half?

Kelly: Definitely a rocky start which had us a little nervous, but it ended well. I think [the Lions] just like to keep it entertaining.

BC: A cockroach was spotted on Cowboys playing field last week. Any cockroaches spotted in Jerry’s luxury boxes?

Kelly: Well with all stuff going on in that stadium and their hot cheerleaders, I doubt anyone would notice a cockroach. But my guess..nope

BC: Matthew was seen on TV grabbing the game ball & saving it. Where will it be going in the Staff house?

Kelly: Well unfortunately it will probably end up in one of our dogs’ mouths. Thats where most end up. This one is pretty special to him though so it might end up in the office.

BC: How does it feel to be in Detroit & 4-0 right now? Tigers/Lions. Seems like the place to be.

Kelly: Was a little nervous about moving here being from the south. But being here to witness the Lions, the Tigers, and hopefully the Red Wings during their season. Seems like this city is on fire. Definitely wouldnt wanna be anywhere else than the motor city right now.

BC: It’s too bad your kitchen is flooded. What victory meal is Staffs eating these days? BC needs to stock up for MNF.

Kelly: He loves Lockhart’s BBQ in Royal Oak for their Texas style BBQ. Other than that, he’s actually a pretty good cook so whatever he feels like eating i guess.