Mark Rypien’s Daughter Angela’s Lingerie Football Debut [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


Just now catching up on DVRs from over the weekend and getting our first look at Angela Rypien’s Lingerie Football League debut Friday night in Green Bay. What have we learned about Mark Rypien’s daughter and her football abilities? She can throw a football, just not accurately at this time. She also has one helluva mean streak in her that came out during a play late in the first quarter.

Sean Salisbury has the color as Angela gets a personal foul. 

Posted: Just did it like 15 minutes ago

Premise of Video: Seattle is destroying Green Bay. It’s just before half and Rypien rolls to her right. Bodies collide. Tempers flare and you get this.

Climax of Video: Oh, yes, she did. BAM! Right in the bare leg.

Conclusion: Seattle won 42-8, handing Gilbert Brown his 2nd consecutive LFL loss. Nope, no jersey malfunctions but we did learn the ladies are required to wear nipple star tape. Also, Salisbury still has game. The guy might have been making up all sorts of crap, but it was solid crap. Dude totally needs to team up with Brett Favre for some Southern Miss football. Would be huge.

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