Greatest Moments In Sammy Sosa White Face: Shaved Chest [Photos]

Some men shave their chest hair for good reason — swimmers, body builders, wrestlers, porn stars, models, etc.

Sammy Sosa is none of those things, yet, he still has a shaved chest.

Why is this, you might ask?

Well Sammy Sosa likes to alter his appearance. If you recall, the former Chicago Cubs slugger used to be black.

Now, as you can see, he’s white or trying desperately to become white.

White Sammy Sosa, who first appeared in late 2009, has attributed his lightness to a skin cream he’s used for some time. Sosa claims he’s not trying to be white, but the cream, combined with the flashes from cameras makes him look white.

Not that we really care what color the dude is, we just think he looks like a fool. Kind of like normal dudes who decide to shave their chest hair.

Way to raise the bar on creepiness once again White Sammy Sosa.

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