Bros Selling “Florida (Expletive) Gators” Shirts Busted At UF-Bama [Cuff ‘Em]


Yeah, so the University of Florida isn’t jerking around when it comes to rogue t-shirt vendors asking $20 a pop for shirts at the Gators-Bama football game. Nothing gets bearded rogue vendors pumped up for sales like the hated Crimson Tide coming to town. That’s why Sean Rouse and Jeremy Matlow (right) went into overdrive with the thought process behind their shirts. You’re aware of the “West F#$%king Virginia” craze.

These boys brought the trend to the Swamp. 

Via the Gainesville Sun:

A Gainesville Police officer, working undercover as a Gators fan, and the University Athletic Association’s licensing manager spotted the two men selling shirts in orange and blue that read “Florida (expletive) Gators.”

The men, one of them carrying a cardboard sign reading “$20,” were allegedly selling the shirts at about 4:30 p.m. near University Plaza, 1620 W. University Ave., ahead of Saturday night’s football game between UF and the University of Alabama.

When the officer asked how much a shirt cost, “they simultaneously replied $20,” he wrote in his report.

Lesson #1 to these morons: WTF is with the $20 price? You’re just asking to have your ass handed to you. $20? Really? Actually, we’re not sure who deserves to be arrested more, the morons who were paying $20 or these morons for charging that ridiculous price.

What’s the profit margin on sales? $2 to make? Jesus, you idiots, use your second grade education to figure out that UF officials want you jerkoffs away from their fans.

And get a better shirt idea. West Virginia has that market cornered.

Have a sports-related arrest story we need to know about? Send it in.

[Police: 2 arrested for selling unlicensed, vulgar Gator shirts]

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