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Bama Fan On Brantley Injury: “It’s Called Imposing Your $%^ing Will” [VIDEO]


You know how we know Bama Fan wasn’t at church yesterday? Because the Crimson Tide kicked off at 7 p.m. CST Saturday night. That meant multiple hours of getting silly drunk. It meant multiple hours of pouring over the Birmingham News. Hours of figuring out f-bomb sequences when Gators’ QB John Brantley went down with a knee that was twisted into a pretzel.

Butch got up Saturday, threw on his Roll Tide shirt and went standing-room only in front of his TV.

Posted: Oct. 1, 2011

Premise of Video: Supposedly this bro goes by ‘The Reverend.’ You see, he preaches about Bama football. What else does he have to look forward to in life? A happy marriage? Cheating on his fat wife? Drinking a 30-pack instead of the usual 24? Mowing the lawn? No, dammit, he has football to look forward to.

Climax of Video: Reverend calls out Landry Jones and taunts John Brantley for having his knee pretzeled.

Conclusion: We’re going on record right now as claiming The Reverend as our special Bama football correspondent for the 2011 season. His videos will be posted here each Monday morning as long as he keeps making ’em.

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