Vernon Davis & Dog Vs. Blogger Dork In Madden On Sony PSP: 2nd Half [VIDEO]


Yesterday we watched as Vernon Davis let our friends at Cosby Sweaters into his house to play Madden on the Sony PSP. Today, in part two, Vernon continues to let Cosby peruse his house, but there is a surprise guest. Sensing that dad was about to lose, this giant (pitbull, anyone?) cruises into Vernon’s ‘day room.’ We also learn that the 49ers TE has an interior design business.

Um, you going to tell him that’s kinda unNFL-like with this giant dog just inches from your face?

Posted: Sept. 29, 2011

Premise of Video: 2nd half of the blogger vs. NFLer Madden on Sony PSP Challenge. But Vernon Davis brings in the closer, his monster dog. Soon, Davis calls his own number and Scott from Cosby goes home a loser, 7-3.

Climax of Video: That dog looks like it’s about to go over Scott’s leg. Would have been one of the greater Internet moments in recent history.

Conclusion: Vernon Davis has an interior design business? Wait until Raiders fan hears this one.

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