Teen Samara Weaving Is Australia’s Kate Upton [23 PHOTOS]


Nope, has nothing to do with sports, but wanted to make you guys aware of the hottest name in Australia heading into the Aussie summer. Samara Weaving. Learn it. The U.S. has Kate Upton. Australia has Weaving. Both are 19. Of course there’s a 2-3 cup size difference. Our 2% milk comes from Wisconsin. One is a runway model. The other is destroying TV ratings.

Today we get a look at Weaving destroying a Sydney beach over the weekend. No word on who she likes in NFL.

The Samara Weaving File:

• 19

• Plays Kirsten Mulroney in the Australian-produced BBC TV series Out Of The Blue

Has just 840 on her semi-active Twitter account

In another year you’ll be seeing Samara in Maxim, Esquire, Barstool Sports, Coed Magazine, etc. Remember who was out in front of this one.

Have an undiscovered model, NFL girlfriend, MLB WAG, NASCAR mistress, PGA road beef, etc. we need to know about? Do your thing.



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