Gilbert Arenas Picks Up Wife At Airport Dressed As Pimp [PHOTO]


Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas is a bit of a clown, in case you weren’t aware.

He’s also obviously got a lot of extra time on his hands because of the NBA lockout. Since the season will probably get cancelled, we can surely expect more stunts like this.

Arenas picked up wife Laura Govan from the airport dressed as a pimp.

She tweeted the photo, along with this message.

This is how I get picked up at the airport! IDIOT lmao

Apparently Gil was in full character, too because she followed up with this.

He’s serious 2! Omg

Here’s the full-on Gil pimp suit.

[Laura Govan Twitter]
[Gilbert Arenas Picks Up Basketball Wife At Airport Dressed Like Pimp]

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