Erin Andrews Weekly Diet: McDonalds, Arbys, Chick-Fil-A & Chipotle!

Listen up, fatties, there’s a new diet on the market thanks to Erin Andrews. It’s ironically called the Erin Andrews Weekly Diet and it’s pretty simple. The problem with your giant ass is that you’ve been eating wrong all along. That garbage ‘organic’ crap you’re getting from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods? Straight to the trash.

Pageviews, in an interview with Marie Claire, tells us how she eats on a weekly basis. Guys, get your wife’s giant caboose to Arby’s TONIGHT! Double curly!

It’s unclear when this interview was conducted, but we do know that EA has been prowling around L.A. the last few weeks during her off days. The boyfriend, Josh Hopkins, must be housed up at there working. Anyway, Marie Claire wants to know her guilty pleasures besides college men staring at her ass live on a weekly basis.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Anything fattening and sweet and just eating bad. I eat McDonald’s once a week. Chick-Fil-A once a week. Arby’s once a week. Chipotle three times a week. So basically I’ve just mapped out what I eat every week.

Call bullshit all you want on this. Her words. Does this mean she eats two quarter-pounders with cheese and a side of large milkshake? Um, we’ve seen those hotel videos. Not too many milkshakes going into that mouth.

And then there are those of you who dream of one day meeting EA but you’ve been unsuccessful at Burger King. She’s putting it out there. Visit her on Twitter and ask if you can buy at Chipotle. Can’t hurt to throw it out there and get denied like usual.

If one of you is great with Photoshop and would want to imagine a giant Erin Andrews, feel free to send us the resulting image.

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