BC Pucktress Jessica Hits Vegas, Puts $25 On Lingerie Football [Morning Twitpics]


The Twitter direct messages were flying feverishly last night as we coached Busted Coverage NHL Pucktress @JessicaRedfield on how to make a Lingerie Football League bet at MGM. “Jess, just tell the guy at the sportsbook that you want to put $25 on the Green Bay Chill,” was all we had to tell this Vegas Virgin. And we wake up this morning to this Twitter message about the photos: “It’s Vegas. There will be cleavage. Cool?” Hopefully it’s cool with you guys. 

We believe this is the very first known Lingerie Football League gambling slip photo on the Internet and we plan on cashing it tonight when Green Bay faces the favored Seattle Mist – in Wisconsin. Live tonight at 10 p.m. EST on MTV2.

Anyway, the Pucktress is in Vegas and will be covering all the shenanigans at the Frozen Fury, which is the Los Angeles Kings vs. Colorado. Make sure you follow Jessica and maybe throw a tweet at her on what she should be doing during her first Vegas weekend.

Meanwhile, we’ll be over here counting our winnings. C’mon, Gilbert Brown, don’t let us down.

[Gilbert Brown Lingerie Football Halftime Speech Is Goosebumpy [Video]]

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