BC Reader Submissions: Tailgating Ride Email-gasm! [PHOTOS]

The message was loud and clear from Busted Coverage Nation. Our recent ’58 Greatest Tailgating Rides’ post fired up the readership and meant several submissions from those of you who felt slighted. We’re sorry. Art sent in his J-E-T-S ride that helps even the drunkest fan find home base. Falcons fan wanted his family’s ambulance recognized. So many of you have poured your life into these rides. Keep submitting them. [email protected] Preferably w/chicks in photos.
K-State Purple Poon Gettin’ Machine

Matt W. in Kansas City:

I would like to share our tailgating ride with you. It was a from scratch project with a lot of work but well worth it.

Not Shown: Hot Atlanta Stripper Nurse Pouring Shots Down Boob Luge

Chris writes:

My family has a great Atlanta Falcons ambulance. You can find us online at www.fanbulance.com

Because We Thought Bro Was Dead & Forgot Buffalo Even Existed Until N.E. Game

Ben writes:

How do you not have a picture of legendary Buffalo Bills tailgater Ken Johnson and his 1980 Ford Pinto?!?!?!

Coolest Short Bus You’ll Ever Blow A .386 On

Jeremy says:

I would like to register my bus as one the top tailgating buses in the U.S. It is dubbed “Da Bears Den”.

Write Us Back When Artie Is Doing Lines Of Coke Off The Toilet

John in Stockholm, NJ wrote in mid-August:

Hello, here is are two picks of our ride dubbed “The Artie.” Since we started driving the artie our female attendance has defiantly increased dramatically.

Injured Indiana RB Throwing Flying Shoulders At Wrestling Event [VIDEO]
Injured Indiana RB Throwing Flying Shoulders At Wrestling Event [VIDEO]
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