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Alabama Tailgating Truck Promises To Hang Tree Killers! [VIDEO]

First off, this has to be the most exotic, Disney-esque tailgating machine we’ve ever laid eyes on. Alabama fan, either retired or unemployed with time to burn, took this truck and turned it into a shrine to Crimson Tide football. But the highlight has to be a Harvey Updyke dummy at the gallows where he’s being hung for poisoning Toomer’s Corner.

That sign reads: “If you poison trees in Auburn we hang you.” Example #3,469 why the SEC is better than your conference.

Posted: Sept. 25, 2011

Premise of Video: As you know, Bama fans kinda take football seriously. School pride. Nobody comes into our house. That kinda thing. They also hate Auburn. Like, families break up over Auburn-Alabama. But you don’t go poisoning trees and get away with it even if Harvey Updyke is a Bama backer.

Climax of Video: Um, those elephants are having a three-way with Mike The Tiger.

Conclusion: The guy behind this truck must have an extensive Alabama football porn collection. Like, bigger than Hideki Matsui’s girl-on-girl Asian porn collection.


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