10 Greatest Brooklyn Decker SI & Esquire Outtakes Of 2011 [PHOTOS]

It was a stellar week from the Brooklyn Decker-Andy Roddick camp due to the story of how the hubby tends to lose his wedding ring. The wifey had to explain how the meal ticket is on his third ring after losing the others. It’s one of those ‘stop, listen, LOL a little bit’ and back to looking at photos of hot chicks stories. We don’t want to hear that she’s married.

Men, especially BC readers, want to hear you talk about getting divorced and needing a loser to hang with & watch NFL.

But anyway, it’s the end of a long work week and we’ll cut this one short. Brooklyn Decker has been part of two classic photoshoots this year. Of course the Sports Illustrated magazine speaks for itself and the Esquire shoot, which flew under the radar according to BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich.

“Um, you guys should be going crazy over the Esquire photos. There’s white t-shirt nippage,” Rich reports via Twitter direct message.

Feeling friendly this afternoon, the editors figured you wouldn’t mind some Brooklyn Decker nippage to take you into the weekend, right?


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