Would One Legged Jonnie Peacock Destroy One Legged Usain Bolt? [DEBATE]


Okay, probably not, but the dude is fast.

Brit Jonnie Peacock, who lost his right leg at age five, can run the 100 in 11.47, which is 1.9 seconds slower than Usain Bolt’s world record of 9.58.

The 18-year-old isn’t exactly the physical specimen that Bolt is and 1.9 seconds is an eternity in the 100, but he could probably beat Bolt in a one-legged race.


Peacock runs with the same type of blade prosthesis Oscar Pistorius, the South African double amputee sprinter, does. While Peacock has only competed in paralympic events, Pistorius, who runs the 400, has actually competed against able-bodied opponents.

Since the blades both runners use actually have a bit of spring in them, some people have questioned whether they actually make them faster than they would be on two legs.

It makes you wonder if these guys could compete at a world-class level if they were able-bodied.

Let the debate begin!

[I lost my leg aged five… now I’m 1.9secs behind Usain Bolt]

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