Vernon Davis Vs. Blogger Dork In Madden On Sony PSP: First Half [VIDEO]


Think about what NFL player’s house you’d like to chill at while playing Madden on a Sony PSP. Personally, we’d go with Ochocinco just to see the fish tank over his bed. But getting to hang with 49ers tight end Vernon Davis and kick his ass in Madden would be hard to turn down.

Our friends at Cosby Sweaters sent word last night that they were invited by the Sony folks & Vernon to chill in his mancave. Um, sign us up. 

Posted: Sept. 28, 2011

Premise of Video: Scott at Cosby Sweaters gets to play Madden against Vernon. But we’re totally focused on this pad. Sweet billiards table. Nice couch. Solid outdoor patio.

Climax of Video: A tackle at the one-yard-line just before half by Scott the Blogger! See, all that time dorking out with the Internet and video games pays off.

Conclusion: We’ll be telling YardBarker execs that Busted Coverage expects to get a shot at PSP against Danny Woodhead. We’ll destroy that punk.

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