The Charger Girl Overload Project: Costumes, Flips & Bikinis! [66 PHOTOS]


We’re closing in on Week 4 of the NFL season so it’s now or never for our NFL Cheerleader Overload project where we dissect squads and provide you with ample material to waste company time. Today we get started with the world famous Charger Girls. Call it an East Coast bias or whatever you want, but these ladies are overlooked by 90% of the U.S. TV viewer.

Of course we know the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are cute. Um, wait until you peruse this overload.

BC has gone back until the 2006 season for photos (about the time the Internet started uploading photos to places other than MySpace.) What stands out with the Charger Girls is the uniform. Rarely changing over the years, it is like trying to squeeze Johnnie Cochran into a glove.

The Charger Girls, according to our research, is also the first team to use shoelaces as a uniform prop.

Charger Girl History:

• Formed in 1990

• 28 member squad

• 8 home games and two preseason games

• Multiple offers to appear in Playboy, Maxim, etc.

• Rentable: $300 per cheerleader/per hour

• Changed cheerleading forever with shoelace top in 2005-2006

• Thought to be first NFL cheerleading squad featuring a woman by the name Starkesha.

[Charger Girls – Official Page]   [@ChargerGirls]  [History of Charger Girls Uniform]

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