Browns Security Kicks Big R Out Of Game For Standing? Yes. [VIDEO]


Are we going to the Browns blog post well too often? Probably, but the team’s fanbase is on a huge roll just three games into the NFL season. We’ve had the tailgate BJ, the fan running on the field to celebrate after a TD and now Big R gets booted by team security for breaking the fan code of conduct. Look at that face. You think Big R is really trying to get sent home early?

But it’s a new NFL and fans are expected to have some civility. Booty Lounge outside the stadium? Gonna be history. Standing at a game?

Posted: Sept. 28, 2011

Premise of Video: Big R is saddened to report on local Cleveland TV that he was kicked out of Sunday’s game for standing too much. That’s right, someone complained and Big R gets booted.

Climax of Video: The weather asshole standing in front of the all-female broadcasting desk jockeys.

Conclusion: It’s like the life being drained right out of Big R. Look at that poor sap. He has eight weekends per year to look forward to and then this happens. Dude goes back to his job at the foundry and has to explain to his boys why he missed the classic fourth quarter of the Dolphins-Browns game. So damn sad.

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