Bianca La Russa’s Oakland Raiders Cheerleading Career Is Over [PHOTOS]


It wasn’t all good news out of the St. Louis Cardinals camp last night. Just on a hunch we decided to check in with Bianca La Russa, Tony’s daughter, because her father was all over our TV. A look at the Raiderettes page was confusing. Where was Bianca for the Raiders home opener against the Jets. Time to check Twitter. BOOM!

There it was, an update late last night. The news wasn’t pretty. While Tony celebrates, his daughter’s cheerleading career could be over.

Bianca had this to say on Twitter:

R8derM1ke Michael Trozzo

@BiancaTai I did not see you at the Jets game this past Sunday:( will you be at the Patriots game!

@R8derM1ke I hurt my back pretty badly – herniated 3 discs. I’m out for the season.

And just like that, what we believed to be the very first father/daughter, MLB manager/NFL cheerleader combo was finished without cheering at a regular season game.

Our cheerleading researchers seem to believe it’ll be nearly impossible for Bianca to recover from three herniated discs to ever grace a sideline. It’s like Peyton Manning having two off-season neck surgeries. You might get one more season out of the body, but it’s highly unlikely.

Just another lesson as to why you should live each day like it’s your last. Cheer your heart out while the opportunity is there.


(Sidenote: The Raiders wasted little time removing Bianca from their cheerleader roster. Not even a tag by her name that she’s on the injured reserve. Just gone. Very interesting, indeed.)


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