Model Ingrid Ullrich Wants Hottest Steelers’ Fan Title [24 PHOTOS]


One of the very first models to give us the time of day was the lovely Ingrid Ullrich, a model who has been cruising around the world on – get this – cruise ships as a professional dancer. You might remember her as the model who was once asked to go home with a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers but declined when she noticed he had a baby seat in his car.

Ingrid’s career is taking off thanks to a new reality show on Bravo.

Ingrid writes:

Just wanted to share some updated info/pics/and videos for your site if you are interested. I just received a new job as a television host for a reality TV show that will be airing on Bravo network! I leave November to start filming the show (The World Fashionista). I am still modeling and dancing in Miami as well!

Of course our follow-up line of questioning was “What athletes have been hitting on you in Miami?” It’s strange, we kinda look at Ingrid as that hot chick you become friends with in college that’s never going on a three-day vacation to Aruba with you. At this point we’ve seen her in so many different hairbras, handbras, elbow bras, etc. that we actually just post these galleries because you guys go nuts.

It’s also a good time to enter her in the AFC North division of the Hottest NFL Superfan competition.

If your wife, GF, mom, lesbian girlfriend, etc. wants to declare her Superfan allegiance to a certain team, let us know.

[Ingrid Ullrich – Facebook]   [Ingrid Ullrich – Twitter]

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