LPGA’s Belen Mozo Is Getting Naked For ESPN The Magazine [PHOTOS]


Okay, before you have to go change your drawers, we’re going to point out that we’re speaking in the future tense.

However, LPGA rookie Belen Mozo will be part of ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue, so you will get to see her naked in a totally tasteful, non-pornographic way.

What that means remains to be seen, but we definitely like the idea.

We had never even heard of Mozo before we heard this news today, but we’re already a fan.

Here’s the breakdown.

Mozo is Spanish, she went to USC and, unfortunately, isn’t a great golfer. She’s had only one top 10 finish in 13 starts this season. But hell, she’s got a fantastic pair of legs, so who gives a shit about her golfing ability.

Here’s a look at what you’re in for.

[Belen Mozo on Facebook]

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