Detroit’s Booty Lounge Stripper Tailgating Bus: What’s The Problem? [30 PHOTOS]


The Detroit Lions are 3-0, the Tigers are preparing for the playoffs and the Red Wings will soon be doing their thing. In other words, it’s a great time to be a Detroit fan. But the biggest news in the city right now is that TV station WDIV ran an exposé on the Booty Lounge, Detroit’s mobile tailgating strip club. The politicians are freaking. Religious leaders are hoping they aren’t on video inside the bus and bloggers have a story.

Today we investigate the bus. With photos!

The local scribes are jumping on the ‘Shut Down The Booty’ bandwagon and it makes us sick. Yeah, looking at you, Detroit News.

The chief is launching an investigation into the bus as well as photos on its Facebook page that appear to show two police officers posing with a scantily clad woman in front of the bus last fall.

“Ostensibly, it’s an illegal establishment,” Godbee said. “The same thing that would regulate that type of activity in a strip club would be applicable to that vehicle. We’re going to police it very aggressively through our investigation.

“I’m appalled at this kind of conduct because we have families and children around. We need to make sure these events are fan-friendly for children and their families.”

Fan-friendly for children? Um, chief you been to a Detroit sporting event lately? We’ve eaten at Mario’s on 2nd Ave. and taken the shuttle to Ford Field. Bro, you have bigger issues to worry about than some stripper bus. Crackheads laying in streets might trump Bambie making $50 before kickoff.

Booty Lounge Tailgating Bus Investigation:

• Was operating in plain sight for years. Facebook proves it.

• Impressive sound system straight outta WalMart or Goodwill

• Is that a hardwood stage?

• Nice heating and air conditioning throughout. Great ductwork.

• Prices seem reasonable


• Mirrors!

• Leather seating and room for three dancers at one time!

• Smoke machine!

[To reserve Booty Lounge – 734-377-4951]

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