Isis The Amazon Nearly Brawls With Hazed Yankees Rookies [PHOTOS]

She’s 6’9″ and known as Isis The Amazon. She’s kinda well known for her wrestling abilities, but calls herself a sports entertainer. She was supposed to be the next big ‘thing’ for the WWE, but one thing led to another and she was canned. But Isis The Amazon has continued to go about her business as an entertainer. Last night she just happened to be at the same club where New York Yankees rookies visited on Rookie Hazing Night.

Yep, the boys were still in costumes for drinks with Isis.

The rookies: Dellin Betance (Milli), George Kontos (George Michael), Hector Noesi (Prince), Austin Romine (Madonna), Andrew Brackman (Vanilli), Jesus Montero (MC Hammer) and Brandon Laird (Slash).

Where was the party? Haven’t been able to pinpoint the bar – yet. Maybe one of you New Yorkers recognizes the decor.

Isis reported:

We got some NY yankees over here! RT @RebySky: what the FACK ! in the wrong place, apparently ! :D RT @IsisTheAmazon

Later it seemed things could get out of control with a 6’9″ woman deep sixing some rookies.

Instead of punching some needle dick Yankees player in the face, I held back. Groupies be… but please don’t ever disrespect me to impress.

That was at like 3 a.m.

Eventually everyone went their separate ways and Isis didn’t go home with any of the Yankees rookies. Just another night in the life of Isis The Amazon and guys dressed in 80s character costumes.

Kudos to all who contributed to an otherwise boring Monday night/Tuesday morning.