Fox Sports Reporter Laura McKeeman Is Next Erin Andrews? [PHOTOS]

BC reader John D. wrote to us last week in reference to the Next Erin Andrews Project: “Have you not heard of Laura McKeeman?  She works for and fox sports and she does radio stuff but shes like the college football recruiting guru and there’s not another girl that knows as much as her.  Really incredibal.” Then John provided the requisite personal website, Twitter & Facebook accounts.

The EA Hunter put on his investigator hat for a look into this McKeeman chick.

If there is a solid career path into becoming the next Erin Andrews, it begins at the University of Florida. Of course Pageviews is a graduate, as is Thursday Night ESPN sideline reporter Jenn Brown. McKeeman was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha at UF. So was Pageviews.

But, unlike EA, McKeeman’s considered a very knowledgeable recruiting guru, as pointed out by John D. Her official title is Southeast Recruiting Reporter for Fox Sports Interactive/Fox Sports Florida.

The facts as compiled by The Hunter:

• Nice Irish name that rolls off the tongue

• Solid jaw structure, cute cheeks, perfect for TV smiles when interviewing Muschamp

• Multi-talented in ballet, beauty pageants and tour guiding around the UF campus

• Saves squirrels from burning buildings

• Likes SportsNation (watch your back, Beadle)

• ‘Likes’ Nelly, Lil Wayne & Drake (street cred points)

• An impressive 6,600 Twitter follower account

Hunter’s Estimated Hire Date At ESPN or Fox: Already at Fox Florida, could expect move into big leagues by 2013. Just a tad more seasoning and she could have Todd McShay’s job.

Hunter’s Expert Analysis: The rare combination of sideline abilities and a recruiting database floating around in her head. Capable of crazy ballet moves and looks cute while wearing baseball cap. Should she get a spot prowling sidelines for Fox by next season? Might be a year too soon, but they might have to make a move to keep ESPN from invading their sideline reporter pool.

If you are a sideline reporter hopeful that should be on The Hunter’s radar we expect you’ll email us indicating your interest in our FREE scouting services.

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