Florida Yahtzee Game Ends With Ian Wood Choking Wife! [Cuff ‘Em]

Florida, feeling a little left out of the Alabama-Ohio-Florida battle for Cuff ‘Em supremacy, got back in the crazy arrest column over the weekend when this crazy maniac went overboard. Over a game of Yahtzee. Look, there are sometimes reasons for going to jail that might be somewhat legit like stiffing a stripper. But Yahtzee?

“Dude, what’r you in for?,” says Juan Carlos who was just arrested for smuggling hummingbirds.

“The broad hit 5 consecutive Yahtzees, I got pissed and choked her out,” Ian Wood replies.

Via ABC Action News, Naples:

Ian Stuart Wood, 50,of the 25100 block of Peacock Lane, was arrested Saturday by Collier County sheriff’s deputies at home.

According to reports, Wood’s wife told deputies that while she was trying to play Yahtzee with her husband an argument ensued and she attempted to leave the residence so she could calm down.

The victim then told deputies Wood pushed her to the ground, placed his hand over her mouth and pushed his knee into her back while telling her to stop screaming. He then rolled her over and placed his hands around her throat and began choking her to the point she could not breathe.

Wood’s wife was then able to escape to a neighbor’s house, where she called deputies, according to reports.

Deputies said when they arrived at the residence, there were broken dishes in the house and Woods was on a bed and appeared to be extremely belligerent and argumentative.

Is the marriage officially over when Ian can’t be drunk and play Yahtzee at the same time? Seems that way. We imagine Ian sobered up, the couple had make-up sex and things calmed down between the two lovebirds.

But how does the wife ever go about asking her husband to play a board game again? Do you dare ask him to play Scrabble or Connect Four? Stay tuned. Something tells us he’s going to go postal over a game of Monopoly one of these days.

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