Detroit Lions Mobile Tailgating Strip Club Busted In TV Exposé [VIDEO]

The Detroit Lions start 3-0 for the first time since 1980 and someone has to go and tip off the local TV media that there is a mobile tailgating strip club hanging around the Eastern Market near Ford Field. What is wrong with you morons? Fans were just starting to feel good about themselves, believing the team wouldn’t lose 13-14 games.

Then WDIV has to send in an undercover producer with a hidden camera. Lions Nation shouldn’t stand for such yellow journalism.

Posted: Sept. 27, 2011

Premise of Video: Some dumb broad decides it’s time for the i-Team to pounce on a rumor that The Booty Lounge is serving up more than just hot dogs and hamburgers. Like the smartass she is, the woman has to ask a bunch of women whether they’re offended that strippers are hanging around outside a bus. Um, look you dumb broad, why don’t you come with us to tailgate at college campuses around the country. You’ll see plenty of boob.

Climax of Video: Some black religious dude lays eyes on a stripper working a pole. SO OFFENDED!

Conclusion: Was that Labatt Ice? That’s some hardcore beer pong. Looks like we’ll have to find alternate plans on Thanksgiving Day morning instead of eggs and legs. End of an era. Thanks hoity-toity Detroiters.

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