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A Cockroach On Cowboys Stadium Field Turf? [VIDEO]

BC reader Trevor in Killeen had a small Twitter-gasm last night. “HOLY (#$%^)! Look at this giant cockroach just doin his thing at Jerry’s palace,” he wrote. Then we watched a nine-second video of what really does look like a cockroach cruising around Cowboys Stadium like a boss. But can we be sure that’s a cockroach. The HD zoom goes blurry.

We know it’s the size of a cockroach. In a stadium full of cockroaches. On turf owned by a cockroach. Must be a cockroach.

Posted: Sept. 26, 2011

Premise of Video: Covered that above. But to recap, a cockroach on Jerry’s Turf gets some ESPN face time in the 4th quarter of a field goal bonanza. Twitter went a little nuts and then Trevor emailed us. Otherwise, we would have missed this one. Gotta get sleep instead of watching another Romo drive stall.

Climax of Video: That’s a #$%ing cockroach cruising around a billion-dollar stadium.

Conclusion: It was eventually killed and will be sold on Damn thing is now famous.


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