11 Best Erin Andrews On Jimmy Kimmel Skirt/Leg Screencaps [PHOTOS]

It was Erin Andrews Night on Jimmy Kimmel early this morning – depending on where you live. She was there to give Jimmy a coonskin hat, talk Dancing With The Stars and show off her new bronzing. But it was the black, spaghetti-strap-skirt/dress combo that stole the show. EA, kinda well known for those naked videos that surfaced, showed off her hand-over-the-Grand-Canyon technique.

It begs the question: If she’s so worried about being naked on the Internet, what’s up with this skirt? Of course we get the whole, ‘OMG, I’m naked on the Internet,’ thing. Makes total sense. Then comes crying on Oprah about being violated. Then comes being nearly naked on Dancing With The Stars. Followed by several variations of covering the Grand Canyon.

Make up your mind.

We know some of you will be fired, suspended from your job or worse if you watch a video via your employer’s bandwidth, hence the screencaps.