Why Oregon Cheerleaders Wore Hard Hats To Arizona Game [PHOTOS]


It has been almost two years since the Oregon Ducks played a football game in Tuscon, but the cheerleading team hasn’t forgotten what happened on that November night. Legendary Ducks cheerleader Katelynn Johnson was drilled with a full water bottle in a postgame fan debacle. Who can possibly forget the beautiful blonde cheerleader laying on the field while medical personnel attended to her? Not us. Not the current cheerleaders, either. Hence the hard hats on Saturday.

We shall never forget!

Katelynn Johnson, now employed by Fox Sports as a campus correspondent, seems to have fully recovered from the bottle incident.

Saturday night via Twitter:

@colewagoner: Hey @__katelynn__ , the Duck cheerleaders are wearing hard hats. Smart move, eh?” yeah of course! Crazy fans!

Kudos, again, to the nation’s smartest, prettiest, bronze-ist, cheerleading team in all of the land. Just when you think cheerleaders are still the ditzy, cheering for the wrong team, bunch they surprise you with humor and timely remembrances.

Chew on that, Song Girls.

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