Reader Email: Is This Georgia Fan Who Was Face Down In Her Own Puke?


About 10 days ago we asked Busted Coverage Nation about an incident after a Georgia football game where a 25-year-old Athens woman was passed out next to a pile of her own vomit. She was arrested on public intox charges and the world went about its business. But we weren’t done with this story until laying eyes on a chick who would be passed out next to her vomit. Enter BC tipster Sara.

She reports that it was her help that possibly saved the life of Pukey Pukerton.

Hi, so the story is… I found the chick out in my parking lot when I came in from work. She was passed out and her stuff was strewn all over the place like she just fell over on the pavement. my neighbors were standing there looking at her and I went around and nudged her with my shoe but she didn’t budge. I asked if she was dead and they said they didn’t know. So I shook her and asked her how fucked up she was and if she was alright. She started choking so I rolled her over on her side… No thanks to the two big black men and two other men who were standing and watching with their mouth agape. Anyway, so as soon as I roll her over to prevent her from drowning she yaks and starts responding to me. I asked her name, where she lived, if she had been doing anything besides drinking (her pupils were the size of a pin head, I suspect xanax even though she insisted she hadn’t) I kept her talking and not passed out til the ambulance got there and dug out her I.D. I remember her first name and that her last name was something really odd. Possibly italian? Anyway, I’ve been searching based on the info I have. If I find her I’ll let you guys know. Thanks!

A day later there was another email.

Found her!

Caty Szczepanski is the alleged culprit.

The Busted Coverage freelance legal department out of Gary, Indiana advised us to be very careful with this one. We’ve searched Caty’s name and “Athens public intox vomit” and received nothing.

Of course we’re hoping Sara nailed this one because Caty’s cute, has some decent Facebook photos and just might want to party with us one day.

If you have further tips on the Athens Puker, do your thing.

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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