Muffin Top Highlights Raiders-Jets Black Hole Brawl [VIDEO]


Of course we were on the lookout this morning/afternoon for Raiders-Jets fan brawls because that’s just what is expected on a Monday morning. But we’re about to show you a video without an actual fight. This is just the aftermath when cops roll in to start cuffing the thugs and wannabe MMA punks. Then she appears. Muffin Top. Just look at those abs. Just look at that red bra.

Just imagine the men she’s slept with during the Raiders 2-1 start. Video of Muffin being led away.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: A few punks start arguing whether Mark Sanchez was a 6th or 7th round fantasy draft pick. One guy says 6th. Another says 7th. One uses ESPN’s rankings as proof. The other uses Yahoo’s rankings. Of course they’ve been drinking. Muffin Top tells both of them to shut their pie holes and just enjoy a crisp Oakland afternoon. Punches fly.

Climax of Video: We’ve GIFd Muffin Top being led away and those fat rolls just scream “Property of Hell’s Angels.”

Conclusion: Muffin Top left the stadium, turned a couple tricks and actually went home with more money than she started with when entering the Black Hole. All in all, a good day.

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