Lee Corso Trying To Drain The Dragon Minutes Before Picking LSU [PHOTOS]


What’s a brother gotta do to get his own crapper these days?

Lee Corso is now 76 years old after celebrating his birthday back in August. As those of you with grandparents know, being away from a toilet is like playing with firecrackers. One of these days you’re going to get a finger blasted off. Or in the case of Corso, you’ll try to hit the head and some GameDay ‘guest’ will be in the Morgantown Portable Toilet.

Such was the case Saturday just minutes before Lee wore the Mike The Tiger mascot head. It was quite a scene as Corso tried to drain the monster.

Our backstage passes granted us access as Lee rushed from the GameDay set to the lone port-o-john for ESPN talent to use during their two hour visit to the Mountainlair.

Lee went hauling ass towards the john, but it was locked. Red dot. There he stood as the time ticked away between commercials. Soon, a West Virginia trooper came over to provide protection as Lee stood next to the crapper. 30-seconds seemed like five minutes. The trooper started knocking on the door. Time to pinch it off. Lee has to go. A small crowd of locals started to wonder if Lee would drain the monster and still have time to make it back to the set.

The excitement started to build. The trooper must have been praying a battering ram wouldn’t be needed.

Then it happened, the door opened, Lee did his business (no idea if there was hand sanitizer in a WV john) and went back to break the hearts of West Virginia Nation.

This episode begs the question: how is it possible that ESPN GameDay talent don’t have their own port-o-johns? We expect this problem will be addressed during future GameDay stops. Stay tuned.

If you have inside knowledge about possible ESPN GameDay crapper issue memos, we want to see them.


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