Jason Kidd Baby Mama Update: Hope Dworaczyk’s Newest Shoot [36 PHOTOS]

Jason Kidd’s ex and the mother of his child Hope Dworaczyk was the 2010 Playboy Playmate of the Year.

Now, she models stuff — stuff like lingerie.

And she looks pretty damn good for someone who popped out a kid three years ago.

It kind of makes you wonder what the deal with Kidd is. He’s definitely not the best-looking dude. You’d think maybe he would have tried to put a ring on it.

The lingerie collection you’re about to view is available in the Playboy Store. You know, because we know you really care about that.

Anyway, here’s a whole bunch of Hope Dworaczyk.

You’re welcome. This should keep you busy if the MNF game gets out of hand or Jaws annoys you into looking at hot chicks.


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