Wait, Football Coach Daniel Widrich Can’t Slam/Spit On Player? [Cuff ‘Em]

You think Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly is a loose cannon on the sidelines? At least he hasn’t been arrested for his outbursts. Let’s go to Florida where %^&% has hit the fan at one high school. Daniel Widrich doesn’t like two things: turned over trash cans and players who won’t pick up a turned over trash can when he tells that football player to pick it up. The result is a coach arrested and a football player clearing his face of the spit from Widrich’s mouth. 

Via Central Florida News:

According to the arrest report, Daniel Widrich, the coach of the Hagarty freshman football team was with his team following a blowout loss.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said Wildrich told one of his players to pick up an overturned trash can, but when the kid didn’t do it, Widrich grabbed the teen and slammed him against the lockers. According to the arrest report, Wildrich screamed an obscenity at the player and then spat in his face.

Other coaches quickly broke things up, but Momary said following that, Widrich and at least one other coach had a heated exchange outside of the locker room in front of parents and kids.

Momary said in both cases, the coaches crossed clear lines in what adult leaders can and should do. Widrich, who was not a teacher, was fired Wednesday night.

And the pussification of America rolls along. What have we come to as a nation when mouthy 14-year-old toolbags won’t do as a coach says and then has the guy arrested? The terrorists have officially won. We’re pussies.

Did Roberto Alomar get arrested for spitting on an umpire? No. Did Laron Landry face jail time for spitting on Channing Crowder? Of course not.

Here’s Widrich’s Facebook if you want to send him a condolence note.

[Hagerty High School freshman football coach arrested]