NFL’s Hottest Fans Championship: Patriots Vs. Cowboys [PHOTOS]

Busted Coverage, known for our lack of interest in following the pack of sports bloggers who’ve popped up over the last 14 months, is proud to announce our new ‘NFL’s Hottest Fan Championship Series.’ The Internet – we’re looking at you – loves hot ladies wearing their team colors. How do we know? Because the stats don’t lie. Enter @HemiGirl & @Heathero14. The ladies agreed to a jersey mirror-off.

One forgot a jersey & the other forgot the mirror. Oh, who cares? If we were worried about the technicalities we’d be wasting your time. 

Two women enter, only one can be named champion. You decide.


Hemi: Patriots fan. You’ve seen her on The Howard Stern Show, Busted Coverage and a variety of Boston-based media outlets. She’s a BC favorite for her great attitude and ability to talk Hemi engines and Cover 2 defenses.

Heather: Cowboys fan and Texas State University student. You’ve likely seen her talking sports on Twitter where she’s gone over the 19,000 follower mark. She’s done some work for Playboy and might have served you a drink at a Playboy Golf event. Her history with BC speaks for itself.

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[Heather O – Model Mayhem]   [The Hemi Girl]

Cincinnati Fan About To O.J. That White Chick [Morning Twitpic]
Cincinnati Fan About To O.J. That White Chick [Morning Twitpic]
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