Brian Kelly Can’t Win Football Games, But He Can Join A Frat

Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly hasn’t gotten his season off to a great start.

His team started 0-2, with losses to South Florida and Michigan before coming back with a potentially season-saving 31-13 victory over Michigan State last weekend.

That’s not exactly what Irish Nation had in mind when the school poached Kelly from Cincinnati before their season was even over two years ago.

A slow start doesn’t necessarily stop Fighting Irish fever though, especially on campus.

Now, we’re not saying Brian Kelly actually joined a fraternity, turned into a cheap-beer-swilling asshat and started hitting on sorority girls, but he did pose for the photo above.

Nice pyramid boys.

Your mothers taught you well.

Also, deer hunting season doesn’t start until November, at least where I’m from. By then Notre Dame football will probably be where they were when Charlie Weis was the coach — out of BCS contention.

But hey, hope springs eternal!