Bill Belichick Has A Somewhat Hot Girlfriend! [Photos]

By the looks of him, we were pretty sure¬†Bill Belichick either had a long-time wife or was just married to football because he couldn’t pick up chicks.

That is not the case.

What’s that they say about dudes with money?

Oh, never mind.

Although he pretty much seems like a humorless prick during the season and probably wears hoodies with the sleeves cut off at least 300 days a year, we’re pretty sure the New England Patriots coach is a fairly cool guy. We know he’s a hell of a football coach.

Today, it came to our attention he’s also a baller… at least with the older, MILF-ey types.

Belichick is dating a woman named Linda Holliday, which we know thanks to the NFL Network documentary on the coach, A Football Life.

We don’t know too much about her, but we do know this. She was probably really hot at one time, she’s not bad looking now, she’s sporting a twin pair of cannons, and Bill Belichick’s stock just went up.

Did he pay for those cannons? Somebody did.

Frankly, we didn’t know Bill was so vain. Not that we’re calling the kettle black…

Linda Holliday — is she a 10? Nope, but we’d do her. And that’s really the litmus test of hotness, isn’t it?

Well done, Bill!