Wild West Virginia Cheerleaders Unleashed

To this day it remains one of Busted Coverage‘s greatest hits with the male student population on the West Virginia University campus. Last year BC became a destination for Morgantown nutjobs wanting to see their cheerleaders in the wild, doing crazy #$%^ not seen on Facebook or in some stupid Twitpic gallery. Thanks to our sources, the galleries kept coming. But we never had a HUGE football game to do a retrospective.

Here you go, boys. Start clicking. (Tried to go WVU cheerleader in her uni & then in the wild. You’ll notice the trend.)

The first correspondence BC had with its WVU source went like this:

Have some funny photos of West Virginia University cheerleaders from facebook. Any place to send them?

And if they made the site i’d be completely anonymous right? Love funny/half naked cheerleader photos as much as the next guy but dont wannna PO everyone on campus.

The rest is history. Now, we’re not saying these are current cheerleaders. It’s a retrospective. A look back. Analyzing the past. If you’d like to jump into the fray with rose petal bikini shots, be our guest.

Do your thing.

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38 Great Moments In Drunken West Virginia Football Fan History
38 Great Moments In Drunken West Virginia Football Fan History
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