Sen. Barbara Boxer Rips Off Blazer To Reveal Sooners Jersey [VIDEO]

Filed under: Bill Clinton Pop A Chubby Time. Woah, easy there Senator Barbara Boxer. Ripping off clothes. A tight Sooners jersey showing off that 70-yr-old rack. Damn, homegirl. For those of you who don’t watch C-SPAN, we actually make Kevin The Intern DVR the Public Works Committee meetings in case any crazy s*&t breaks out. Then it happened this week.

Boxer made good with her Republican bi-partisan supporter Jim Inhofe on some political bull#$^.

Posted: September 21, 2011

Premise of Video: Via…U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat who heads a key committee on transportation, donned a University of Oklahoma jersey Wednesday to thank Sen. Jim Inhofe for his role in getting a recent highway extension bill approved.

Climax of Video: The cool thing for Boxer to do would have been for Kate Upton to walk through the doors, rip off her blazer and reveal a Sooners jersey sliced from the neck to the bottom of the cleav. Oh well, instead you get Boxer.

Conclusion: Wait, so this is now how we settle political debates in Washington? We gamble billion dollar transportation bills on the moneyline? HOLY $%^&!

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