Nick Swisher Takes Champagne Facial Like A Champ [PHOTOS]

Nothing like seeing the Yankees celebrating another A.L. East title while teams like Kansas City hold Beanie Baby Bobblehead Night in September. Actually, last night it was Team Photo night for Royals fan. Anyway, the Yankees popped bottles and stud rookie pitcher Ivan Nova allegedly got hammered on the champagne.

Anything else to report? Jeter made it rain on Kim Jones and Jorge Posada was all confused when he was used as a pinch hitter.

That’s about all. Now we turn our attention to the Red Sox making the playoffs so we aren’t punished with the possibility of a Rays vs. Angles A.L. Championship Series. We have our mind on pageviews, people. We don’t care about your stupid teams in California or Florida.

*Bonus shot of Jenn Sterger who was at Tuesday’s Rays vs. Yankees game.