New Mr. Olympia Phil Heath: From 1.3 PPG Point Guard To THIS! [PHOTOS]

Phil Heath was a fairly lackluster basketball player for the University of Denver from 1998 to 2002, averaging a whopping 1.3 points per game in his four-year career.

That didn’t stop him from achieving greatness in the athletic world, though. After his college career, he decided to focus on another sport — professional bodybuilding.

It turns out, as average as he was at basketball, he’s the exact opposite at bodybuilding. Heath was just named Mr. Olympia 2011, beating out four-time winner Jay Cutler (and no, not the pussy who plays for the Chicago Bears).

Via Flex Online:

Heath has grown by leaps and bounds since winning his first two contests in his rookie year in 2006 and those years of effort unveiled a work (that is still in progress!) that had legends such as Chris Cormier and Flex Wheeler speechless the moment he stepped onstage at last night’s prejudging. At this evening’s finals, it was more of the same as his ridiculously full muscle bellies and miniscule joints created an image that can only be described as cartoonish – a term that seems to have grown in usage since last night. Add to that, great proportions, improved v-taper (the word narrow no longer applies), stellar separation and 3-D muscle that jumps to life with each pose and you have what many are already labeling as one of the greatest physiques ever.

Heath has made nothing short of an amazing transformation. He weighed 180 pounds in college and his basketball-playing self is almost indistinguishable from the Phil Heath of today.

Take a look for yourself. Dude is a m’f*cking beast!




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