Marcus Camby Spending NBA Lockout Free Time Getting Stoned

While some of his colleagues are actually playing basketball, taking vacations or spending time with their families during the NBA lockout, Portland Trailblazers forward Marcus Camby is spending his free time another way.

He’s getting stoned.

Camby was arrested in Pearland, Texas on Monday for possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone.

Pearland police tell us Camby, 37, and another man, identified as Kendal Lance Johnson, 24, were driving near Dawson High School in the 200 block of Cullen when an officer pulled them over for an equipment violation. The officer noticed the smell of marijuana.

Camby, who was found with less that two ounces of dope, faces maximum penalties of one year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

What’s perhaps even more troubling if you’re the Trailblazers is that mug shot. Let’s be honest, it’s highly likely more than half the players in the NBA smoke week, but Camby looks like a fat, bloated slob.

We’re sure he’ll be showing up for camp in great shape.

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