‘Lonesome’ Cherish Arroyo Was Doing Son’s Football Teammate [Cuff ‘Em]

Poor Cherish Arroyo. Not only was she given a horrible name at birth that was never changed through legal channels with the Social Security Administration, but she’s also living a miserable life. A life, we assume, filled with mouthy kids and a husband who’s more interested in watching the Arizona Cardinals over romantic date nights and wild sex at Scottsdale hotels. Would that lead Arroyo to talk a 16-year-old football player into having his way with her? Yes, says the fuzz. 

Via the Phoenix New Times:

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, the boy’s parents contacted authorities earlier this month after they found “inappropriate communications” between Arroyo and their son on his Facebook account.

The boy’s parents confronted him about the messages, and he eventually admitted to having oral sex with Arroyo. He also told his parents he and Arroyo had actual intercourse on three separate occasions.

The victim, now 17, was 16 when he says he and Arroyo had sex.

Arroyo was arrested at her home where she lives with her husband and two children, each of whom attend Copper Canyon High School with the victim. The home is also the scene of the alleged crime — the MCSO says Arroyo and the boy had sex in the home that Arroyo shares with her children and husband.

Cherish has fessed up to the crime saying she was lonesome, tired of her husband watching 10 hours of college football each Saturday and was in a Facebook trance. Meanwhile, the 17-year-old victim got a helmet sticker and his teammate has the knowledge that he was sleeping with mom.

Your move, Ohio, Alabama & Florida.

[HT: Phoenix New Times]

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